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"How do I become a better Ruby developer? I’m sick of all the reading and watching… I want to start doing!"

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You’ve heard it over and over: read books, watch videos, and apply what you learn. So why aren’t you actually getting any better? Why do you forget everything you think you’ve learned, as soon as you get back to coding?

You already know why: books and videos give you plenty of information, but they can’t give you skill.

That’s why you can read articles and documentation for days and still not have a better understanding of how to use Ruby day-to-day. It’s why you can watch a four-hour long video course about test-driven development, and still have no idea which test to write first. It’s why you can read entire books about object-oriented development and refactoring and still write code that’s impossible to maintain.

So what do you do? You watch more videos, read more articles, and study more books… overloading yourself with information.

Turn the information you have into the skills you need

You know what’s a million times better than information? Skill.

Skill lets you skim through articles and documentation in minutes, and immediately use what you learn.

Skill lets you write the next test to move your project forward.

Skill lets you refactor your code into a clean, object-oriented design.

You already know how to get information. But how do you gain skills?

Take expert-directed action to improve your skills

The only way to improve your skills is to take action. What better way to learn than from someone who has done it before you? RubySteps gives you short, interactive, code-based lessons that make you a better Ruby developer, step-by-step. These lessons are based on knowledge gained from over ten years of working professionally with Ruby, and teaching developers around the world.

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