Are you stuck as a junior developer… forever?

You’re sick of the constant rejection that comes with being a junior developer. First, it was months of sending your resume out to companies who couldn’t even bother to reply. Then, it was one failed interview after another. And when you finally managed to get a job offer, it was on probationary status… making less than half of what the senior developers make.

The senior developers are always babysitting you, finding something wrong with your code. And to make things worse, your company just hired a rock star developer - after making room in the budget by firing another junior developer. Apparently they weren’t “picking things up fast enough”… and neither are you, which means you might be next…

You don’t know what to study to level up your skills

Every senior developer on your team gives you conflicting advice. When you look for guidance online, it just gets even more confusing. Still, you spend all your spare time studying books and screencasts (which you have to pay for yourself), hoping they’ll help you get to the next level.

Lose this job, and you’re screwed

You’ll have to compete with thousands of other junior developers, for a handful of low-paying jobs working on old, buggy codebases. How do you distinguish yourself from the other juniors? You’re just another junior developer, with no way of knowing how good you are. And even if you could get another interview, you’d still have to pass it… and you just barely passed the interview for the job you have now.

You’ve been busting your ass to get better, and you’re nowhere near the level you need to be to get hired as a senior developer.

What’s the difference between a junior and senior developer?

A junior developer struggles to find a job… a senior developer has jobs come to them.

A junior developer uses whatever technology they’re told to… a senior developer chooses the technologies they use.

A junior developer gets assigned cards from the story tracker… a senior developer assigns the cards.

A junior developer has their code meticulously reviewed… a senior developer does the reviewing.

A junior developer argues their case for why they should buy a book… a senior developer just buys it using the company card.

A junior developer deploys to staging… a senior developer has the keys to production.

You know it’s possible to make the jump from junior to senior developer… you just don’t think YOU can do it.

But what if you could? What if you were a senior developer…?

Level up to Senior Developer

You would be the rock star. You’d have a boss that trusts you to get the job done, and a team that looks to you for guidance. Your company would send you to conferences, where you’d learn new skills to apply to your work. And you’d have the company card so you can buy any book or screencast that helps you get your work done.

You’d call the shots in your career

You would choose where, how, and when you worked. Companies would recruit you. You could lead teams, work your way up to CTO, or even launch your own company.

You’d have autonomy. You would choose which technologies to use. You would set the coding standards. You would decide when code is ready to deploy. And you’d do it all from home, whenever you wanted.

How does an extra $80k per year sound?

Junior developers make $60-80k per year. Senior developers make $140-160k per year. That’s the kind of money that lets you pay off loans, buy a house, put your children through college, and take a second honeymoon. Whatever you want to do with the money is your business. As a senior developer, you have access to a new salary level that will make a big difference in your life.

And you have more than just a bigger salary to look forward to…

Choose the kind of job you want

Want to focus exclusively on APIs, or scaling, or devops? Do you like pair programming all day, or is coding with headphones more your style? Would you rather work in a big company, or a smaller one? Do you want to build products, internal software, or consult? Senior developers have these options. You don’t just fill a standard role in a company anymore – you deliver unique value. And you get to choose what that is, because you will…

Have jobs come to you

90% of recruited jobs are for senior developers. The remaining 10% are for “promising mid-level” developers. When you’re a senior developer, you can look for jobs, if you want… but you don’t have to. Companies literally pay someone to find you. And because you’re so valuable to them, they’ll make sure you…

Enjoy top-notch perks

Brand new laptop? Standard. Want to work from home, or take Fridays off? Easy. Missed out on RailsConf last year? Pack your bags. You’ve got the skills to justify sweet perks like these. And with a senior developer salary, you can afford to give up a bit of salary in exchange for a more desirable lifestyle, if you want.

With all of the experience you’ll get as a senior developer, you’ll be able to…

Create future opportunities for yourself

Ride your senior developer job for as long as it makes you happy. But at some point you might want to move on… maybe get in on the ground floor of a startup, do some consulting, or even launch your own company. You’re way past the hand-holding stage at this point, and are ready to really take ownership of your career.

Add all of this together, and you will…

Feel amazing about your accomplishments

You’ve put a ton of time and effort into learning to code, working as a junior developer, and becoming a senior developer. Now you have a new world of options available to you. All of your hard work will have paid off, BIG time. How amazing will that feel?

You could stay stuck as a junior developer for the next several years… but you don’t have to.

Here’s what Senior Developers know, that you don’t (yet)

Want to know the secret to becoming a Senior Developer? It’s really simple: you have to have rock-solid development skills. In the Ruby world, this means a deep understanding of the Ruby language, object-oriented programming, refactoring, and testing. Each of those skills will take years to learn… if you try to figure it all out on your own.

Of course, there’s another way. You can learn these core skills quickly, from someone with over a decade of experience developing software and teaching teams around the world. Interested?

RubySteps shows you how:

RubySteps is a course, presented in ebook form, which condenses 12 years’ worth of hard-earned development experience into 12 lessons that will help you build the skills you need to be a senior developer.

You’ll start off with object-oriented design. You’ll learn:

With a solid grasp of object-oriented design, you’ll move on to refactoring. You’ll learn:

Now that you know what makes for clean design, and can safely improve your design, you’ll accelerate your design and development process with tests. You’ll learn:

With the skills you learn in RubySteps, you’ll create clean, well-tested, professional code. Buy RubySteps, and you’ll finally build the skills you need to become a senior developer.

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RubySteps Best Ruby Course EVER Guarantee

If you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, just request a refund within 30 days of purchasing and I’ll refund your order, no questions asked. In addition, I will create one free lesson in response to a question of your choice!


What happens after I buy?

You will get instant access to the RubySteps ebook via SendOwl download.

Will your ebook really make me a senior developer?

I can’t promise that… that’s way beyond my control. I can promise you that if you don’t know the material presented in RubySteps, you have almost no shot of becoming a senior developer.

In other words: the material in RubySteps isn’t the only thing you need to be a senior developer, but it is a necessary part.

I can’t afford a $49 ebook…

Junior developers make $60k/yr. Senior developers make $120k/yr. You can’t afford not to know this stuff. Besides, I offer the best guarantee you’ve ever seen…

I still have questions!

Just send an email to and I will help you out!

Who’s behind RubySteps?

Hi, I’m Pat :) I got my start coding Ruby in 2005, by creating a poker training simulator. When Rails came out, I used the vanilla Ruby code to power one of the first revenue-generating Rails websites in the world.

In the time since, I have traveled all over the world, shipping software for businesses of all sizes, and helping software teams ship better software.

I love programming Ruby, and I love teaching. It would be my honor to have an opportunity to help you achieve your Ruby programming goals.

That’s me on the right, working through a Ruby programming problem with one of my best friends, BJ Clark, who introduced me to Ruby over 10 years ago.