“Every time I start a project, I swear to myself that this time I will keep my code spotless and write tests…”

You’re afraid to make changes to your Ruby app. You don’t have enough tests, and the codebase is tangled by poor design choices. You’ll spend half the day just tracking down a simple mistake. You’ve been cowboy-coding your way to frustration… and now it’s time for a change.

What if your code had good test coverage, and a clean design?

You could add new features with ease. You’d find and fix problems quickly. You could apply a professional development process… and deliver professional results, every time.

You can achieve a clean, well-tested codebase, and it’s not magic.

The three critical skills for producing professional code

What distinguishes professional code from amateur code? Professional code works, and is neatly organized. Amateur code breaks, and is poorly organized. So how do you turn amateur code into professional code?

First, you need to understand and apply object-oriented design. You need to create clearly-defined interfaces, encapsulate behavior, and use polymorphism where appropriate. Of course, that would be easy if you knew all the design elements upfront – but in the real world, you need to evolve your design over time…

By refactoring, you do exactly that. You take an existing design, and make improvements to it, without changing the externally visible behavior. But changing code is risky business, unless…

You write tests. You build a safety net of tests that you can run any time you make a change, automatically alerting you to any breaking changes.

There you have it: object-oriented design, refactoring, and testing. That’s all you really need to know. But how do you learn those skills?

RubySteps shows you how:

You’ll start off with object-oriented design. You’ll learn:

With a solid grasp of object-oriented design, you’ll move on to refactoring. You’ll learn:

Now that you know what makes for clean design, and can safely improve your design, you’ll accelerate your design and development process with tests. You’ll learn:

With the skills you learn in RubySteps, you’ll create clean, well-tested, professional code. You never have to waste another day working with sloppy, untested code. Buy RubySteps, and you’ll be enjoying clean, professional code in no time.

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Is RubySteps right for me?

If you’ve read this far… then probably! But let me help you out a bit more…

RubySteps covers intermediate-to-advanced topics that are important for professional Ruby developers to understand and apply.

If you’re just getting started learning Ruby, check out The Odin Project’s free Ruby course first, and then come back here. Oh yeah, and be sure to check out my awesome free stuff too :)

What happens when I buy?

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Do you guarantee your work?

Of course :)

Who the heck are you, anyway?

Well my name’s Pat, and I’m a regular guy that loves programming Ruby. I’ve been doing it professionally for over ten years (I stopped counting a few years ago), and have been teaching people Ruby pretty much as long as I’ve been programming it. I love to cook, and play with my dogs.

What if I need help, or have more questions?

Just send me an email – I read and respond to every email I get.

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