Junior programmers want to know the “right way” to do things. When I teach, I tell people that the right way to do something is the way they can do it right now. Figure out how to do what you want, and keep doing it. If you can consistently complete a task without fully understanding the steps involved, you will prepare yourself for new understanding.

As you learn, you will apply the things you learn to the things you have done. You will develop a new context and appreciation for the work you have done. You will begin looking for new things to do and new ways of doing them.

Eventually, after having practiced the what and studied the how, you will begin to ask why. You will ask why the things you do work. You will ask why you do them. You will see that the things you have done are just a selection of infinite possibilities, the path you’ve taken so far one of countless possible. You will continue to practice, and study. You will learn not to see opportunity or to create it, but to exist with it. You will share what you have learned with others.

Do what you can right now. Make your own way. Find your why. Never stop.