Mob Programming w/ Alistair Cockburn videos

Alistair Cockburn joined the RubySteps mob this week to learn Ruby, practice TDD, and experiment with some of his design ideas. We had a blast and learned a lot - and wrote some pretty cool software to boot! I'm thrilled to have Alistair join our growing contributors list and to get some RubySteps members in on one of his projects as well.

We recorded the sessions for your viewing pleasure.

During the RubySteps mob_rotation session A we added a help command to our mob_rotation software. It was another nice example of test-driving new functionality, and we had some interesting design discussions along the way.

We followed that up with RubySteps mob_rotation session B where we continued our work on mob_rotation and added an exciting new feature - a timer to tell us when it's time to rotate! This session was particularly fun because I thought it would be tricky to test, and we managed to add the feature with a couple clear tests and just a few lines of production code. Awesome! The audio is rough for the first few minutes, but we get there.

Alistair wanted to experiment with his Hexagonal Architecture, so in Hexagonal Architecture session A we played around with defining a port for loading data from a data source, and created an adapter to load from an in-memory data source. You can see our work up on his SmallWebHexagon project.

Continuing along, we used Hexagonal Architecture session B to save new data to an in-memory data store. Then we moved on to file-based data storage...and got stuck for the first time. Hey, it happens! We still had great design discussion.

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