Making the decision to move from your current job to a new, rewarding job that you love can scare the hell out of you.

How do you know which technologies you should learn? Ask around, and you get a laundry list of old and new hotness: Ruby on Rails, Postgres, MongoDB, node.js (io.js?), Angular.js, Ember.js … lots of dot.js’es. Devops, testing frameworks, continuous integration - it will take you years to learn everything, and it will all change underneath you before you even get a chance to learn it all.

What if you could discover exactly which technologies you need to learn, not just to “get a job”… but to get your dream job?

What if you had a roadmap for learning the technologies that you would wield at your next job, and beyond?

You could do your work every day, confident that the time you put in will pay off.

You could learn things that will directly benefit you in your future work.

You would stay motivated, knowing that you’re on a successful track - and not some stranger’s idea of success, but YOUR idea of success.

Believe it or not, you can create this roadmap in less time than it takes to read this letter :)

All you have to do is write down the list of technologies used at the job you want.

It sounds crazy simple, I know. And it is! Here’s how you do it:

  • write down the name of a company you would LOVE to work for
  • research their technology stack - check out their dev blog, follow their developers on twitter, see what they contribute to on GitHub
  • write down the technology stack in a single list

That’s it, really!

Do this, and you will move from the daily uncertainty of “what do I need to learn so that companies will hire me?” to a confident position of “when I learn this technology stack, I can make an impact at company X.”

What will that mean for you?

Can you see the difference in the open-ended, “how do I get hired?” approach you’ve been taking so far, and the ambitious-but-fixed-scope of “I can add value to the company of my dreams if I just learn X, Y, and Z”?

You can get a rough idea of the technologies in play in just five minutes. With an hour or two of research, you can build a solid idea of the technologies you need to learn, and a roadmap for learning them.

What would it mean to you to get hired by the company you dream of working for, as opposed to whatever company would take you?

Stop playing the “I hope somebody hires me” game. Start playing a new game: a game where you consciously select which companies bid for you - regardless of your experience level.