The hardest part of implementing a huge, world-changing idea is usually…

getting started.

What stands in the way, between you and your vision?

Do you lack technical know-how? Industry connections? A trust fund?

How do you get from You, Normal Person Today, to future You, Internationally-renowned Super Awesome Person?

(fact: I consider myself Super Awesome, and I have friends around the world, which makes me qualified to write about this!)

When you have a big, huge idea that will Change The World, don’t forget to focus on the tiny, barely-there idea that Won’t Change a Thing - other than your ability to make progress on, and eventually finish, projects.

You can’t do 100% of it today…

But can you do 10%? If so, do that.

Is 10% too much? Try 1%.

If 1% is still too big… shoot for 0.1%.

And if 0.1% is STILL too big (which it probably is, for today)… then shoot for 0.01%.

And if THAT’S still too big?!?!

Bust out the calculator… it’s time to shoot for 0.001% of your goal.

People will laugh at you. People laugh at me whenever I show them TDD. “But you haven’t solved the problem!” An hour later, I’m the one laughing - because I have a working solution, and I barely did any work getting there. A week later… we’re laughing together, because now we’re having fun, making great software, together.

It doesn’t matter who laughs at you. Nobody will ever care about your dreams as much as you. You don’t need anyone to sign an NDA. You don’t need to worry about someone stealing your idea. You need to worry about continually putting one foot in front of the other, plowing ahead, until you reach your goal.

Maybe at that point, the haters will adore you. Or maybe they’ll hate more. But it won’t matter. You’ll have already proven the most important point, and given yourself a chance to do it all over again:

You can create a better tomorrow, starting today.

Block out some time and energy to do a little bit each day, no matter how small, and watch as your work compounds over time to create something amazing.